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Motihari, the district headquarter of East Champaran is a fast expanding town. The conscious guardians of this town have strong feeling that there is complete dearth of good institution in this area to cater the proper orientation and skillful training to the students of primary and secondary standards. They have often felt that the public schools running around have laid down their emphasis on the outward glitter. They aim to make students outwardly smart. This is a praiseworthy object but sadly lacks in this most vital aspect. It does not help the kids in developing their inner capacity. They do not learn to learn themselves. Thus the very purpose of education i.e. to make the students capable of learning things by themselves with the help of able guidance to lead them to the right path is being defeated the kids therefore learn things by rote without understanding them. The Modern Public School has come out to fulfil vital object. We intend to make children not only trim and smart but also innovative.

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Another Aspect where we intend to differ is in regard of our cultural understanding picking out the best from Montessori system. We will further enrich it with an understanding of our own culture so that we could lay a foundation for generation for truly patriotic youngesters, though the medium for teaching is strictly English the learning of Hindi, Urduand Sanskrit is given proper importance.

Keeping in mind maxim that the healthy mind develops in healthy body the MPS attaches Significance to the children's games and entertainments. But what is striking is we are also giving the lesson of YOGA to children.


The MPS is located at chandmari a posh area of the town near M.S. College. The School is housed in an excellent with huge campus. Well ventilated, spacious class rooms and other required amenities.


"Discipline makes a man perfect" This proverb is known to all. So students are required to maintain the discipline in the school campus. The Students should be disciplined in the school campus. Students should give prior information before their absence from the classes. Every student must follow the basic principles in respect to discipline not only in the school campus but out of school campus also. They must me in proper school uniform. Damage to school property will be treated as voilation of discipline rules of the school. Students must avoid irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect homework, disobedience, bad moral character and dis-respect towards the teachers.

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